Deed Transfers

Deed Transfer Attorney in Nassau County

A deed is a written legal document that states who has what legal right to possess a parcel of real property. A deed must contain the names of the old and new owners of the parcel of real property as well as a legal description of the parcel of real property. The deed also must be signed by the grantor and should be recorded in the county the property is located. We can help with all the ins and outs of this process; we are your deed transfer attorney in Nassau County!

There are different types of deeds and it is important that title is properly recorded.

The deed is recorded in the Office of the county where the property is located. The notarized signed Deeds are very important documents that affect your ownership interest and rights in parcels of real property. We can help you determine the extent of property rights applicable to a particular parcel of property, whether you are buying or selling the parcel.

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