Enforcement Proceeding

If you need legal assistance with any type of divorce or order enforcement, we will help. We handle enforcement proceedings, such as:

Enforcement of child support: We will take your case to court for back payment of child support if the person obligated to pay is late in making a payment.
Enforcement of spousal support: We handle enforcement of spousal support by filing a motion for contempt against your ex-spouse for failure to comply.
Enforcement of custody or parenting plans: If the other party is not upholding their end of the parenting or custody plan, we can help.

After an enforcement action has occurred and the court determined that the support should have been paid, the state has several options to secure delinquent payments, such as:

• Issuing an arrest warrant/incarceration
• Suspending a party’s driver’s license
• Take IRS tax refunds

No matter what the situation, we will fight for your rights and your money.


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