Why You Need Real Estate Lawyers In Long Island After A Divorce

Selling the House after a Divorce

Don had a favorite room in the two-bedroom home he shared with his wife, Anne, and their three children—and it wasn’t his man cave in the basement. Instead it was the small utility room between the kitchen and dining room. That is where he kept track of his children’s heights as they grew. Each time Don measured, he etched a mark in the door jamb’s wood. After 15 years the marks in the wood are still prominent.

Don and Anne are getting a divorce. Aside from permanently ending their marriage, it means selling their house. He was ready to put the house on the market shortly after he and Anne decided to divorce, but Anne had other ideas.

First, Anne wanted to buy out his interest in the home. Then she didn’t want anything to do with him and wanted to sell her half to him. As soon as she entertained the thought that he may live there with someone else, she refused to sell. Anne then decided she wanted them to keep the house after the divorce. They’d both move out and use it as rental property until they could transfer it to one of the children. Once he bought into the idea, Anne changed her mind again. They would sell the house.

Don’s divorce attorney advised him to seek real estate counsel to sell the house. His family law attorney did not have experience in real estate law and wouldn’t be able to properly advise him. Anne’s divorce lawyer wanted to charge a huge amount to work on the sale of the house. From what Don gathered, her attorney didn’t have much experience in real estate — just in taking money.

It’s crunch time. The mortgage is kicking their butts. When Anne lived in the home, she dragged her feet on issues. As soon as she moved out and moved in with her new boyfriend, she didn’t like paying rent and a mortgage. They need a miracle: someone to help who is an experienced real estate attorney and can quickly and economically help close a sale.

Selling your house during a separation or divorce is a headache and emotionally charged. Your ex may waffle on making decisions about selling the house or accepting offers. Even if you are in total agreement to
sell the house, a home sale is not best handled by divorce lawyers who do not also specialize in real estate.

Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer when Divorce Forces a Home Sale

Selling a house after divorce is a delicate real estate transaction. The house is more than just a piece of property; it’s a place where you built a life with your family and made so many memories. You need to maximize the sale price to provide you and your ex-spouse with as much money as possible. Many homeowners do not know or understand how much money they will have after the house sells.

• How much are the net proceeds?
• How much money will you have after the division of proceeds and necessary expenses?
• Will the proceeds be divided equally between you and your

Asset division depends on property laws and your divorce settlement.
Real estate lawyers specialize in navigating clients through the complicated legal process of selling property. In fact, they are the best at understanding the particular laws that affect the sale of your property.

Real Estate Lawyers are with You through Every Step of Selling Your Home after Divorce

shutterstock 186050336 300x200 - Selling the House after a DivorceReal Estate Lawyers in Long Island are essential because they are not part of the divorce process. The end of your marriage is none of their concern. They are only concerned with selling your property and offering you advice during every phase of the sale:
• House inspection.
• Purchase agreement.
• Title search.
• Home Walk-through.
• Closing.

If you or your former spouse decides it’s time to sell the family home after divorce, work with a real estate lawyer. As a neutral third party, a real estate lawyer’s goal is to ensure that every step of the selling process runs smoothly.

What To Do Next:

Just As Every Property Is Unique, Every Property Transaction Is Unique
– And Not Every Lawyer Has Experience Handling Them.

Using the legal process strategically is much more than just handling filings, it’s understanding how the transaction fits into long term plans for the assets and the businesses that hold them.

Thomas Weiss & Associates, P.C. provides a Real Estate Strategy Session before every representation to ensure every client understands how the legal process can make a big difference in their ultimate financial outcome.

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