Separation Agreements

If you and your spouse can amicably resolve your differences, then a Separation Agreement containing the agreed upon terms can be signed by the parties. The Separation Agreement is an enforceable contract through the court. It consists of a detailed written contract between spouses which delineates how issues such as child custody, visitation rights, spousal support, division of marital property, and all other marital matters will be handled and arranged.

When the agreement is written properly and all legal formalities are followed, it becomes a binding agreement which can be legally enforced should one of the spouses fail to comply with its terms. It can also be included in any divorce decree.

It is critical that you consult with an attorney prior to signing a Separation Agreement. The language and terminology used in the Separation Agreement may have legal consequences that you are unaware of and that may be detrimental to your interest. We draft, review and negotiate terms of Separation Agreements that meet the needs of our clients.


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