The process of buying a home can be terrifically exciting and exceptionally terrifying all at the same time. From the budgeting, to the searching, to attending open houses and meetings, to making phone calls, to more searching, to trying to figure out what “Escrow” even is, to going through negotiations, to reviewing and signing piles of paperwork rife with legal jargon, to finally getting the keys — it’s a tremendous investment in both time and money on the part of the buyer.

Here are three things a real estate lawyer can do for their clients once they think they’ve found their perfect match and want to move forward with the home-buying process:


  1. Make sure the home is up to code


Each state has different rules and regulations surrounding residential homes and property (zoning, environmental hazards, title issues, covenants or restrictions, etc.) and how both are cared for and maintained. Prior to closing, a real estate lawyer will be aware of what types of inspections should have been done, and by whom, and help you to ensure that no inspection has been left undone. Additionally, real estate lawyers will explain from experience any potential issues that buyers should be aware of moving forward in the process, and warn you about potential problems that may arise.


  1. Help you understand the closing documents


There are several documents that will be required to close on a home, including real estate title and transfer documents along with a series of loan documents and additional related paperwork or documentation. Without extensive legal knowledge, it could be extremely difficult to understand the complexities of these documents, let alone keep track of all of the required paperwork. Real estate lawyers are used to reviewing contracts and legal documentation attentively, ensuring that no detail is left out or left unexplained. They can help explain what to expect during and what will be needed for the closing process, as well as make sense of the documents and their terms.


  1. Provide knowledge and comfort


An experienced real estate attorney will work hard to ensure that the home-buying process runs as smoothly as possible, and abides by the law completely, providing support and expertise to the buyer every step of the way. Buying a home can be a very scary and intimidating process filled with confusing language and rules, especially for first-time buyers. It’s an adventure for sure, and it’s one that may be best navigated with the help and knowledge of an experienced real estate lawyer.

How to find the right real estate lawyer for you.

Using the legal process strategically is much more than just handling filings, it’s understanding how the transaction fits into long term plans for the assets and the businesses that hold them. Thomas Weiss & Associates, P.C. provides a Real Estate Strategy Session before every representation to ensure every client understands how the legal process can make a big difference in their ultimate financial outcome.


You have our commitment that we’ll point you in the right direction for a real estate lawyer who’ll best fit your needs. Just call (516) 746-7452 to schedule an appointment for a Strategy Session.