Why You Should Consult a Real Estate Attorney In Long Island
When Buying or Selling a Home

Buying or selling a home can range from confusing and intimidating to a joy-filled adventure. Whether your experience is one filled with bright new beginnings or a seemingly endless nightmare comes down to preparation. You need to understand every step of the process and where the possible pitfalls might be.

Imagine you have begun the journey of selling your home and areworking on purchasing your next at the same time. You begin the adventure with a hunt for your perfect home. Perhaps you want to downsize because your children have all gone off to college. Or you may need a place with a nursery for your newest addition.
You look for the best school districts, low crime rates, and areas close to work. After spending days or weeks searching for the home that matches the beautiful picture in your mind, you finally find it.

Your new home has just the right number of bedrooms, the kitchen is spacious and fully equipped. You’ve fallen in love with the floor plan, and there’s even extra room in the garage for the work bench you’ve been wanting for years. Driving in, you notice the neighborhood is quiet, with beautiful landscaping and friendly
people that stop to wave. The price is right, your dream home is within your grasp. But…

How are you going to address the possibility of two house payments if the home you are buying must close before your current home sells? Who do you need to talk to about inspections and title searches? What forms do you need to begin the process? What is a binder, and is it, well, binding? What happens if something unexpected comes up in the process that delays the closing? Even if you’re a professional in the real estate industry, the ins and outs of the legal matters along the way can be a huge burden.

shutterstock 116266666 287x300 - Why You Should Consult an Attorney in Long IslandIt doesn’t have to be that way. The assistance of an experienced real estate attorney reduces the time and worry of the purchasing process. You’ll have someone to walk you through every step, explain all the details, and listen to areas that concern you. You can work with your attorney to design binders that meet your exact needs for time, down payments, and additional costs. You won’t have to spend hours reading over complicated contracts with a legal dictionary beside you, because they will walk you through your documents step by step before you sign.

If you’re planning to buy or sell your home, consider consulting an experienced real estate attorney in Long Island who can help you prepare for the road ahead so you can enjoy the adventure.

What To Do Next:

Just As Every Property Is Unique,
Every Property Transaction Is Unique
– And Not Every Lawyer Has Experience Handling Them.
Using the legal process strategically is much more than just handling filings, it’s understanding how the transaction fits into long term plans for the assets and the businesses that hold them.

Thomas Weiss & Associates, P.C. provides a Real Estate Strategy Session before every representation to ensure every client understands how the legal process can make a big difference in their ultimate financial outcome.

If I’m not the right attorney for your transaction, you have my commitment that I’ll point you in the right direction.
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