Child Custody and Support

Custody Disputes

Custody law arrangements following a divorce case in New York state.

The following custody arrangements may be an option for you.

Sole custody — One parent is exclusively in charge of the health, education, and welfare of the children, with no obligation to consult with the other parent. However, if the custodial parent makes poor decisions, he or she risks losing custody.

Joint custody — Parents share equally in all custodial responsibilities.

Shared custody with spheres of influence — This joint custodial responsibility recognizes one parent’s special reasons to be responsible for certain issues — for example, one parent may have the final choice in the child’s medical decisions, while the other makes educational decisions.

Residential custody to one parent, with joint legal custody to both — One parent houses the child (the other is generally allowed visitation), but both share in decision-making. Examples of modifications include giving the residential parent the final say and having a neutral parent coordinator mediate decisions.

Seeking custody for the safety of the child
Though some custody battles erupt when one parent exploits the children to hurt his or her ex, there are times when a parent truly believes the children are in danger while in the care of the other. Then there is no alternative to seeking custody for the safety of a child.

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Child Support

The Thomas Weiss & Associates law firm is centered on cases involving family law. Our areas of practice of Family and Divorce Law include; child custody, child support, spousal support, visitations, relocation, mediation, same-sex divorce and separation agreements.

Child support is calculated using a percentage of the combined parental income. While this may seem straightforward, it is not always this simple. Income issues need to be carefully scrutinized to determine the amount of child support a spouse may be entitled to. Our experience allows us to take a close look at your financial circumstances and provide you with advice and representation tailored to your circumstances.


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